There is certainly no shortage of content out there that spells out the critical best practices for success in ultramodern digital marketing. Automation. Integration. Lead generation. ROI attribution. And all of the other great digital tactics ending in “ion” that ooze with impact-bearing glory.

Thinking outside the granularity of tactical digital marketing to high-level strategic building blocks, critical to supporting all those finer points, I’ve boiled down to just three. And if you’re utilizing them, you’re  attacking all those “-ions” and already know how to kick ass in digital marketing. If you’re not, you could be.

Empower yourself. 

Modern marketing operations require focus, tenacity, forward thinking and creativity. Those inate qualities come naturally to some and are harder for others. To really bring those skills out of yourself it’s critical to nurture your body and mind to enable them.

Your diet, daily activity, sleep habits and environment play a huge factor in how your body and mind run. Eating food for self-indulgence is old school. The modern go-getter eats for self improvement. Find the foods that give you energy, better focus, good nourishing sleep without the grogginess, elevated mood. For me it’s an organic high-fat-low carb diet with a lot of nutritious veggies.

Many people on paleo, keto, Bulletproof diets report positive effects on work, relationships and life in general. And it’s no surprise. Food is fuel. When you run on high octane, the effects lend high impact to everything you do in life. The right amount of sleep, exercise to relieve stress and boost mood, and even engaging hobbies like art and music to upgrade creativity and focus all add value to what you do every day. So, the first step to kicking ass at life is taking care of yourself and the rest could easily follow.

Always be learning. 

You don’t know everything. It’s an important realization to have for us more confident folk. Not even the excessively successful pros currently crushing it in their careers do.

In marketing, it’s even more true. Just when you’ve gotten a stong grasp on all things modern marketing.. BAM! something new comes along and the ground shifts. As a result, there’s zero place for the “I know enough” mentality in marketing, except for the proverbial graveyard of antiquated marketers who have already faded into the abyss of obscurity, many due to that mindset.

Always be educating. There’s an overabundance of free content to take advantage of in marketing to stay ahead of the curve. Leverage it and never settle for “I know enough.”


Ugh. More pounding of the “prioritize” drum, which has likely already ruptured many an eardrum. But in DM, “kicking ass” could very quickly become “ass kicked” without a focus on it. 

When I say prioritize, I don’t just mean plan out your day and order tasks by level of importance. (But, if you’re not doing that, do it you arrogant rebel you.) I mean on a larger scale that many neglect.

Define your key goals (yep, another cliche. Deal with it). Make each goal a figurative bucket. Everything you do – each task, all your time,  any effort should align with one of those buckets. If it doesn’t,  how important could it be?

Seeing things through this lens is incredibly helpful in avoiding spending valuable time and skills on distractions. Even things that may seem important at the time may prove to not land in any goal buckets and quickly reveal itself as a non priority, which may not have been noticed otherwise. Focus on goals and extinguish the distractions; or at least move them down the list.

Before building a house, lay a foundation. And before getting buried in the tactical elements of digital marketing, empower your body and mind,  prioritize and learn all you can. Then, let the kicking assing ensue.


Reposted from VinceTech blog with permission from @Vince_Tech
Photo credit to Ryan McGuire (Gratisography)