Try these 6 tips before spending on Facebook promoting

Developing brands tend to see Facebook as a great, low-commitment way of building an audience and driving more business. But success is not defined the same for all companies across the board. Different brands have different goals when it comes to conversion. Some aim to grow online purchases, some to send more foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores, and some simply want to build more awareness and earn loyalty.

No matter what the immediate goal, a lifecycle exists that has potential to lead new Facebook fans to attaining business. First, you must work to build the audience on Facebook to eventually nurture with engaging content. Then that content strategy could turn everyday fans into qualified leads for your business. Those leads could then close into true customers, and be retained for continued business.

Each step of this cycle has its own unique process and set of best practices. This post focuses on the initial (often most difficult) step of ramping up an audience from the ground up. And not just any audience. A targeted group of relevant prospects to guide down the road to conversion.
If you plan to or have recently set up your Facebook Page, or even simply wish to get more out of your existing page that’s growing at an insufferably dull pace, follow these steps to achieve the growth you’ve dreamed of.

Use Search Friendly Page Info

Today, it’s harder than ever to get noticed through all the noise in the Facebook-sphere. To grow fans, every section of your page should include content that appeals to the ideal visitor and is discoverable to those target members searching trigger terms on the interwebs. The key to remember here is that your page’s content gets indexed by major search engines like Google and (bleh) Bing. These could act as channels to attract fans in addition to simply being found organically through Facebook.

Don’t overkill it. Use your relevant terms wisely and don’t come across as a sales pitch, which will turn off potential fans. Showcase the value of your brand and explain its purpose and mission clearly and concisely using all the important jargon.

You should include:

– An overview of the brand’s value
– Your website URL
– Additional information about your products or services to help visitors get a good idea of how your presence in their life (or at least their feed) would be a treat for them.

Plug Your Page Where it Matters

Along with making a page discoverable for inbound visitors through Facebook and search engines, including a conduit to your page on other marketing channels is simple and effective.

Your website and/or blog is a great place to promote your page. Facebook and CMS platforms like WordPress even offer easy plugins to display a button that leads to your Facebook presence. If people like what they see on your web pages, they’ll want to keep coming back.

One highly-impactful location to include a “Like” button or box is on your website’s confirmation pages. If someone has converted online, by purchasing something, signing up to your blog or downloading some content, they will hit a confirmation landing page which is prime real estate to leverage. Chances are, these recently-converted users like you (literally). Capture their attention and channel it over to your Facebook page by including a Facebook button or box beneath your confirmation messages so they’ll like that too.

Invite Existing Contacts to Like You

If you’re like just about everyone in the world, you have a personal Facebook page with (at least some) friends. Some of them might be acquaintances and perhaps even potential customers. You would be surprised how willing friends are to help others out on Facebook by supporting a page. All you need to do is ask. This will rise your numbers a bit and help appear more established.

To help you ask them for support, Facebook has some built in abilities to share your page on your own profile’s wall, in other groups, and even directly to friends via Facebook group invite or through email.

If your friends aren’t biting, it might just be that the invite was overlooked. You can get your page in front of them again and again using Facebook’s suggestion feature.
To do this, you’ll have to upload a list of emails to Facebook, and those from that list who are on Facebook could see a suggestion to like your page when they search for page recommendations.

To make this happen, simply use the suggestion feature on your page to upload a list of your email contacts.

Boom_Digital FB suggest

Cross Promote Social Channels

Just like friends helping eachother out, different social channels could lend support to one another too. Adding a Facebook page link on your brand’s Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles helps in cross-channelling traffic. You could go one step further and take more outbound approach of Tweeting about your Facebook page to pull traffic across platforms/

Stream GREAT Content
Arguably the most effective method of increasing any type of fanbase is through offering real value. When it comes to Facebook, value comes in the form of appealing content and promotion.
Good content marketing on your feed builds a bond with your fans — whether they realize it or not. Getting value from a post means they will trust your next post will do the same. And the next one. And the next one. They might not recall just one highly-valuable post, but if they notice a constant flow of top-notch relevant material that’s either entertaining or helpful, they’ll think of your page (and brand!) as a valuable resource.


Once you have a new group of fans and you carefully pepper them with valuable posts, keeping them on the hook is important. Leaving a page on autopilot is not earning the most possible potential.
Monitoring your page and interacting with fans is a key ingredient to growth. Participate in any discussions taking place on your wall or in post comments, but also spark conversations by asking open-ended, relevant questions. Your fans’ engagement in the conversations enable them to spend more time with your brand presence, and could even be seen by their friends who might also want to join in on the chat — and your page in general!