Just recently, Instagram announced their latest iPhone app called Layout, which they describe as an interface that allows users to “easily combine multiple photos into a single image. It’s fun, it’s simple and it gives you a new way to flex your creativity.”

One of the core new features rolled enables seamless, built-in ability to design beautiful collages for users and brands.

Here’s a quick introduction of the Instagram’s new Layout and how brands could take advantage.

Intro to Layout

Layout is incredibly user-friendly and does not require third-part applications. Collage apps allow you to take several photos and pool them into one photo using a unique layout.

Users start the Layout experience within Instagram with a selection of their camera roll images. Selecting an image triggers a list of templated collage layouts and your image preview.

After picking your layout poison, customization is simple. Include adjustments like zoom, photo size tweaks and rotation within the collage.

For extra personalization, photo booth lets you to use the front camera lens to upload a selfie then add it to a collage design.

Instagram Layout

Since the new app is still so new, many marketers have not had the opportunity to really delve into the features and leverage for marketing potential. Here are some ways to start.

Show your stuff

Some products are more advanced than others. Displaying a single image doesn’t always do enough justice. Showcasing a series of shots within one image is great for telling a more comprehensive visual story.

Instagram Layout marketing

Bundle up

For brands that offer customers more than just one hot ticket item, similar products could be combined into one image to spark interest for a well-rounded purchase.

Have a new coffee variety to push? Blend the post with already popular flavors. Combining totally different but relevant products could help boost sales too. A health brand’s strong-selling protein shake could bundle its product image with a secondary item like a protein bar or multivitamin.

Data could help this particular approach as it does product suggestions in ecommerce. If the average buyer of Product A has a proven propensity to purchase Product B within the transaction, others might too. Images could include similar items and accessories, all that appeal to the same target consumers. 

Instagram Layout Marketing

New perspectives

When you sell an item on Ebay, best practices dictate posting more than one image. Why? It adds boosted transparency and familiarity to the product before purchased to boost conversion.

Layout enables taking advantage of this effect by simply adding multiple product pics into one graphic. Check out this approach taken by Nespresso. 


Show progress

Bring life to images by showing them in sequence. Viewers often like seeing a step-by-step process rather than simply an end result. Instagram now easily allows telling this visual story.


Using Instagram’s new Layout for marketing could add a modern and impactful way of creating brand loyalty and increase sales. Make the best of the tool and get creative.