It’s been around for almost two decades, has drastically transformed, and has become by far the main source of revenue driving the growth of one of the most powerful companies on Earth. Here are some WTF worthy facts about PPC and some handy advice.

Mobile devices account for 52% of all paid search clicks
Businesses tend to think of almost all searches taking place on a desktop. Not these days! PPC programs should be optimized for mobile devices.

70% of mobile audiences call a business from Google Search
Seems counter productive to digital strategy, often difficult to track, but you may actually be sacrificing business opportunities by not including a ‘call extension’

Broader keywords get expensive! Get granular with exact and phrase match keywords
The most expensive keyword widely bid on is “insurance,” averaging $55 per click. “loans” and “mortgage” are up there as well averaging around $45/click

Don’t neglect BingAds!
While Bing/Yahoo have less searches than Google, less competition on keywords often exist. Some even find the quality of traffic is higher.

The first AdWords ad goes back to year 2000 and it was for live mail-order lobsters
We would have most certainly clicked this ad.

At least 95% of Google’s total revenue comes from advertising
Ever wonder how a search engine has amassed SO MUCH revenue. Your ads! Make sure they’re returning you more revenue than your budget.

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Adwords
Most, in fact, are earning ROI on ad spend. Some aren’t. Some have no clue how they’re actually performing.

Regardless of the state of your PPC program, we can help! Get the most out of your spend and harness the power of the pay-per-click.

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