It’s no secret that Pinterest is a powerful platform for any business. With an estimated 250 million monthly visitors, the potential reach is astounding. Here are fourteen Pinterest marketing tips that are sure to help you unleash the power of Pinterest.

Pin quality content and don’t over pin – Only select a few of the very best pins (5-10 max) to pin during one session. Not everyone wants to see their feed filled up with the same thing over and over again and people will start to unfollow you.

Post taller images – Take a look at your Pinterest home feed. Which pins stand out to you? The taller ones, right? According to Social Media Examiner, the preferred image aspect ratio is 2:3 to 1:3.5.

Pin original content – Uploading a pin, as opposed to repinning someone else’s pin, gives you an advantage. If you’re the first person to pin a photo, your name will be “stamped” on that pin. It will always say that the pin was added “via <your name>”. Also, your website URL will remain on that pin as long as no one manually changes it.

Use keywords to describe your pins – People often leave the pin description blank or they’ll add something vague like “Super cute!” or “OMG I want that!”. This is no good! How will someone find your pin if there aren’t any keywords?

Don’t forget to lead people back to your website – When you pin something using a webpage URL, it will automatically add your webpage to the pin. However, if you upload an image, you will need to add your URL manually. Be sure to do this! This is how people find your website through Pinterest!

Add text to your images – Photos with text receive more clicks than plain images without text. For example, if you have a photo of a DIY project, try adding the title of the DIY overtop of the image. People will be more likely to click on it.

Know what to pin – The vast majority of Pinterest users are female. Eighty percent, in fact. So, it’s no surprise that pins involving fashion, meal recipes, home decor and wedding ideas are extremely popular. If you are designing pins, you may want to use fonts and colors that you think will attract a more feminine audience.

Know WHEN to pin – According to Hubspot, the best time to pin is Saturday morning. There is also a peak in fashion and retail related pins around 3pm on Fridays.

It’s not the number of pins, but the number of boards that count – While it’s important to pin often, you’ll want to have a minimum of 20 boards. This will allow different people to follow different areas of interest. And, please don’t restrict yourself! For example, if you use Pinterest for your flower shop, you can create the obvious boards like “Roses” and “Tulips”, but you can also add boards that loosely fit with your brand such as “Scenes in Nature”, “Wedding Decor” and so forth to broaden your Pinterest topics. That way, people who aren’t interested in flowers will follow you as well.

Join group boards – Although you may not have many followers (or, maybe you do and just want more!), group boards often have hundreds, if not thousands of followers. Other pinners may choose to invite you to their boards or you can always leave a comment on one of their pins and ask if they will invite you. Once you’ve been added, you’ll be able to share your pins with those thousands of followers. Please keep in mind that this won’t instantly increase your followers, but will most definitely increase your reach.

Add a Pinterest button/badge to your website – Adding a Pinterest badge to your website is important, just like it’s important to add buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will allow your visitors to find you easily on Pinterest and follow you!

Keep Pinterest in mind when adding photos to your website or blog – You want your webpages and blog posts to be as shareable as possible. Make sure that all of your pages have at least one image that will stand out on Pinterest and amplify your content.

And, if you want to go the extra mile…

Create multiple Pinterest accounts – This seems a little excessive, but if you’re trying to advertise your business, you may want to create a business account and then a few personal accounts as well. The personal accounts can act as your brand ambassadors by repinning from the business account. This will spread the word faster since your different accounts will attract different followers.

And, last but certainly not least…

Be Social – Afterall, Pinterest is a social media platform. Engage with your audience. Repin, comment and like other people’s pins. Feature your superfans or other influencers in your space. As with any social media platform, your followers want to be heard and want to feel as though they are a part of the conversation.

Oh, and one more thing. Happy pinning!


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