oops marketing
Mistakes happen. They occur in every business function, even Marketing (gasp!). The best way to deal with any mishaps is to nip them in the butt and be prepared with a plan for when they happen. With more moving parts within marketing than ever, it’s reasonable to believe that room for error is at an all-time high. Some marketers hit crisis mode when the inevitable happens, while others have prepped themselves with smart protocol to deal with it. A while back, an unknown (but believed to be quite large) population of recipients had an email from photo printing and hosting service Shutterfly land in their inbox, congratulating them on their newborns. The personalized one-to-one email marketing approach utilizing big data to connect with customers in an informed and intimate way is one that’s been recently ubiquitous as companies get smarter about using their data. However, in Shutterfly’s case, this particular campaign backfired. According…Continue Reading
Instagram Layout
Just recently, Instagram announced their latest iPhone app called Layout, which they describe as an interface that allows users to “easily combine multiple photos into a single image. It’s fun, it’s simple and it gives you a new way to flex your creativity.” One of the core new features rolled enables seamless, built-in ability to design beautiful collages for users and brands. Here’s a quick introduction of the Instagram’s new Layout and how brands could take advantage. Intro to Layout Layout is incredibly user-friendly and does not require third-part applications. Collage apps allow you to take several photos and pool them into one photo using a unique layout. Users start the Layout experience within Instagram with a selection of their camera roll images. Selecting an image triggers a list of templated collage layouts and your image preview. After picking your layout poison, customization is simple. Include adjustments like zoom, photo size tweaks…Continue Reading
Pinterest Marketing Tips
It’s no secret that Pinterest is a powerful platform for any business. With an estimated 250 million monthly visitors, the potential reach is astounding. Here are fourteen Pinterest marketing tips that are sure to help you unleash the power of Pinterest. Pin quality content and don’t over pin – Only select a few of the very best pins (5-10 max) to pin during one session. Not everyone wants to see their feed filled up with the same thing over and over again and people will start to unfollow you. Post taller images – Take a look at your Pinterest home feed. Which pins stand out to you? The taller ones, right? According to Social Media Examiner, the preferred image aspect ratio is 2:3 to 1:3.5. Pin original content – Uploading a pin, as opposed to repinning someone else’s pin, gives you an advantage. If you’re the first person to pin a…Continue Reading
Responding to followers on social media
Today, thanks to the social media-sphere, brands are more closely connected to consumers than ever before in the history of the inter webs. Although tweets and wall posts haven’t replaced all forms of corporate communication, they’ve become an easy and widely-used way for consumers to vent or praise a company in an open forum for all to see. But that’s not all. Customers today expect brands to not only receive their feedback, but over 70% also expect interaction via personal response, according to most surveys. And over half of those want their Tweet responded to in under an hour. Given this raising trend of need for instant feedback, it’s important for brands to acquiesce by having a protocol for such external communication. If a customer publically compliments a brand, best course is to make them even happier and thank them right away. If someone has a complaint, make it right by addressing it and offering…Continue Reading
Getting more Facebook likes
Try these 6 tips before spending on Facebook promoting Developing brands tend to see Facebook as a great, low-commitment way of building an audience and driving more business. But success is not defined the same for all companies across the board. Different brands have different goals when it comes to conversion. Some aim to grow online purchases, some to send more foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores, and some simply want to build more awareness and earn loyalty. No matter what the immediate goal, a lifecycle exists that has potential to lead new Facebook fans to attaining business. First, you must work to build the audience on Facebook to eventually nurture with engaging content. Then that content strategy could turn everyday fans into qualified leads for your business. Those leads could then close into true customers, and be retained for continued business. Each step of this cycle has its own…Continue Reading
kick ass in digital marketing
There is certainly no shortage of content out there that spells out the critical best practices for success in ultramodern digital marketing. Automation. Integration. Lead generation. ROI attribution. And all of the other great digital tactics ending in “ion” that ooze with impact-bearing glory. Thinking outside the granularity of tactical digital marketing to high-level strategic building blocks, critical to supporting all those finer points, I’ve boiled down to just three. And if you’re utilizing them, you’re  attacking all those “-ions” and already know how to kick ass in digital marketing. If you’re not, you could be. Empower yourself.  Modern marketing operations require focus, tenacity, forward thinking and creativity. Those inate qualities come naturally to some and are harder for others. To really bring those skills out of yourself it’s critical to nurture your body and mind to enable them. Your diet, daily activity, sleep habits and environment play a huge factor in how…Continue Reading
The future of digital marketing
The future of marketing is now! Actually, it happened already. After reading through a plethora of “the future of digital marketing” predictions permeating the digi-sphere so far this year, I’ve come to observe two common consistencies among them (aside from the incessant Mad Men references): Almost everyone has predictions, and they’re almost all the same. Many marketing foretellings have already been in play with modern marketers for some time. For those with a seat at the head of the evolutionary marketing spectrum, the conventional future is yesterday’s news. Mobile. Social media. Automation. The list goes on. But what comes next? Here’s just a few trends on the digital horizon for the future and for.. the future of the future of digital marketing (evil laugh). The future: Inbound-focused marketing The future future: Consent-only marketing Does your organic opt-in traffic convert better than traffic from strangers? Yes? So does everyones’. For this reason, many outbound batch-and-blast focused efforts have a…Continue Reading